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Alaa Abul Hamd

“I am very proud of this very important material papyrus paper. I live in Luxor and have a strong bond with papyrus paper it’s all over Luxor from the Nile shore I see the plants everywhere and of course a huge part of our heritage.”

Alaa Abul Hamd


Alaa Abul Hamd Abdel Satar is an awardwinning painter and an assistant professor of photography the Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor.

His most recent solo exhibition was held at the Gezira Hall in 2014. He is the recipient of the 24th Youth Salon Award, holds a BA in Fine Arts and is pursuing a PhD on the impact of the Luxor civilisation on contemporary Egyptian art. He has participated in over twenty group exhibitions in Cairo, Muscat, Port Said, Alexandria and Luxor, including the 2007 Port Said Biennale, Picasso Gallery and Cairo Salon in Cairo.

Abul Hamd credits the beautiful landscape of Upper Egypt and its Ancient Egyptian character as his inspiration, characterised by stillness, strength and silence.