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Mohamed El Sharkawy

“Exploring new materials like papyrus, known as an ancient Egyptian considered a major boost towards using papyrus more often and unveiling its hidden qualities.” Mohamed Sharkawy  Born in Giza in 1980, Sharkawy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied...

Adham Badawy

“The cultural and historical heritage of papyrus was an impetus for me to draw closer to our identity and how to present it in a modern context. Ancient Egyptians considered nature’s gifts, such as papyrus, as holy, and emphasized its simplicity and dainty texture;...

Hady Boraey

“Depending heavily on metaphors, Boraey takes his audience on a dramatic journey filled with poetic nuances, to coax them into new territory beyond their comfort zones, where new horizons await.”Born in the historical city of Alexandria, Egypt in 1984, Boraey is an...

Deena Fadel

"In the midst of chaos, a wandering star is born.’ I juggle through life’s chaotic roller coaster, while painting transports me to another world where a multitude of thoughts, experiences and emotions are etched against the bare whiteness as I pour my story onto the...

Aya El Fallah

“Using this heritage to create my own world world conveyed through an illustration style and modern mood, it was a challenge. By the same token, I am documenting every single moment in my life by looking at it through an abstract lens. This resulted in a journey, a...

Alaa Awad

“I would like to give credit to this art collection in the aesthetic aspect of the Egyptian women and to draw inspiration from their positive role in these celebrations. Using the influence of the ancient Egyptian method of painting on papyrus, as an attempt to...

Britt Boutros Ghali

“This is the first time I worked on papyrus. It was a very special experience for me. I liked trying something new. I really loved working on this ancient Egyptian traditional medium.”Britt Botrous Ghali was born in Svolvaer, Northern Norway in 1937. Considered to be...

Mohamed Dmarawy

“Deeply intrigued by the creative skills of Ancient Egypt, the characters are typical Egyptians with a clear connection to the art of our pharaonic ancestors. Experimenting with papyrus sparked my imagination...I was fortunate enough to discover the secret of its...

Hala El Shaarouny

“Working on papyrus was a curiously interesting journey, a journey that had me wondering how it would feel to emulate my ancestors who were already doing this thousands of years ago. To my surprise, I felt a sense of satisfaction I had not anticipated.” Hala Sharouny,...

Mohamed Rabie

“Papyrus is considered among the oldest kinds of paper used to document literature and drawings. As such, the fact that it was selected for us modern artists to experiment on is quite incredible.” Mohamed Rabie  Born in the picturesque city of Minya in 1986,...

Mhanny Yaoud

“This is the first time for me to use papyrus as raw material on which to paint and draw...It is a symbol of ancient Egypt that highlights how the country strived in its quest for enlightenment and how ancient Egyptians manifested their pursuit of creativity.” Mhanny...

Alaa Abul Hamd

“I am very proud of this very important material papyrus paper. I live in Luxor and have a strong bond with papyrus paper it’s all over Luxor from the Nile shore I see the plants everywhere and of course a huge part of our heritage.”Alaa Abul Hamd Abdel Satar is an...

Divine Art of Egypt

Connecting ancient and modern Egypt though the masterpieces of contemporary Egyptian Artists using papyrus paper, as a form of unity between each artist and their masterpiece – a medium many of which haven’t used before – shares a Modern aspect of Egyptian advancement to a new audience, allowing Egyptians abroad to connect with their heritage, and non- Egyptians to learn about Egypt in an innovative way.  Read More

Moushera Maaraba

Founder & Managing Partner, Divine Art of Egypt

Living in the United States all my life and becoming an Art collector over the years, I had a nagging feeling that there is a story to tell. I want to help create more awareness and bridge cultures and Art is the most obvious way to do it. It lent a sense of communication that allows people from different cultures and different times to communicate with each other via images, sounds, stories. Art has the power to influence and inspire. Read More

Nashwa Essawi Fawzy

Partner, Marketing Events, Divine Art of Egypt

A New Legacy: Contemporary Art of Egypt

H.E. Yasser Reda Ambassador of Egypt to the United States of America

” The brilliance of this project is the attempt to familiarize western audiences with notable contemporary talents from Egypt, through a relatively ancient and well known medium “Papyrus”.

H.E. Ahmed Abu Zeid Ambassador of Egypt to Canada

I deeply believe in the power of art in creating bridges between countries and cultures, very similar in a lot of respects to the work of diplomacy

Mohamed Hamza Egyptian Cultural Counselor Washington, DC and Montreal, Canada.

Inspiring Egyptian Artists to produce their Art on papyrus creates a new message to a new audience. I am sure this exhibition will attract a wide interest among those interested in contemporary art, those interested in ancient Egyptian materials and those interested in Egyptian culture in general.

Aly El Tahry Catalyst Partners

Egypt, as we all know, has an amazing heritage; one replete with distinction in terms of achievements as well as opportunities for investment; it is a country blessed with a wealth of potential, whether in terms of its very clever human capital or the myriad of comparative advantages it inherently possesses, such as its weather, antiquities, agriculture, coasts and more recently, industry


Not only papyrus helped to survive the heritage of Egypt but it was Egypt’s gift to the world as all the neighbor nations borrowed the new pioneering way to preserve their own heritage of art and writing systems as well as in their many correspondences.