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Deena Fadel

“In the midst of chaos, a wandering star is born.’ I juggle through life’s chaotic roller coaster, while painting transports me to another world where a multitude of thoughts, experiences and emotions are etched against the bare whiteness as I pour my story onto the surface.”

Deena Fadel


Deena Fadel is Cairo-based Artist and Designer.

Deena acquired several awards in the field of art and design starting with a drawing competition, at the age of 3.

Deena has exhibited her works internationally including Egypt, the UK, Qatar, and Turkey amongst others.

She was shortlisted on a project for Louvre Abu Dhabi, and nominated for the Sharm Biennale Competition.

Deena is also the founder of Joud homeware, with features in several international media such as and the BBC English news website.

According to, she was among the top 16 female entrepreneurs of 2014.